The exhibition at WORLDART, Cape Town exhibits artists who recognize express themselves in pop art and street art styles. The artists are recognized as contemporary artwork designers.

Like the flashy and glitzy neon lights of a Monaco or Las Vegas, the artworks produced by Fringe immediately capture the eye. The light – box effects and acrylic glass finish would be the reason for that.

Fringe’s signature pop art – inspired style has proved quite popular with the masses who adore his own version of the highly popularized street – graffiti style.

The globe’s most recognizable figures and figureheads are given a playful makeover and Fringe almost – never fails to give an introspective take on the legacy and ideals they have provided to the world.

The incontrovertible images are meant to explore and evoke ideals of respect and love.

Stylistically Fringe’s subversive iconography and historic pop imagery is really what sets him apart. His juxtaposition of world figures is subtle – i.e politically correct – and playful but with implicit meanings implied, in his seemingly random journey of pop – culture innovators of the past 20th century, such as this latest artwork.

The artwork can be interpreted as a celebration of the propagation of the ideas and ideals of the figure portrayed, in this case the Star Wars clone trooper and the 21st fiction craze depicted by glitzy signs and symbols meant to salute the ever – expanding global culture.

It can also be interpreted as the mere superficiality of a culture and society obsessed with the things that do not matter, and too concerned with the world’s misdemeanors like the rebellious youth, portrayed by the clone trooper’s “middle finger”. It is as interpreted before as of a “world that seems to be obsessed with the wrong things than ever before.”

Also on exhibit is a collection of skateboards curated by artist and photographer Kent Lingeveldt from Alpha Longboards. Lingeveldt regularly engages with local artists and designers in and around the city, and on this project invited a group of eight artists all of those whose work fits into the urban contemporary genres to create the artwork.

Artists on show include renowned pioneer of the street art scene, ICE7, award – winning surface design specialist and artist Atang Tshikare, WORLDART artist Kilmany – Jo Liversage, Conform and  ELLO amongst others.


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